Recent visit: Sonoma Valley Walk

This has been a cool summer so we managed a walk at Sonoma Valley Regional in the afternoon. Amazing. The new plantings seem to be overwhelmed with weeds – hard to tell how they’re doing. The blackberries are creeping back. But the oaks and the grasses look just fine. It’s a great short walk onContinue reading “Recent visit: Sonoma Valley Walk”


Walking at Doran Beach & Birdwalk

We often visit Doran Beach. It’s an easy sand walk when the tide is low and the rhythm of the ocean is calming and exciting. I took these pictures last Saturday on a busy day with many people, dogs and equipment for land and water. We walked and then… We hunkered down in the dunes forContinue reading “Walking at Doran Beach & Birdwalk”

Tall Ships in Bodega Bay

The tall ships are back. They should arrive in Bodega Bay late on April 13th. Events are planned for the weekend. For more information, click Press Democrat. These pictures Mike took are from 2013. Directions: 1818 Westshore Rd. Bodega Bay. From Highway 1 north of Bodega Bay, head to the ocean on Westshore. Need a walk?Continue reading “Tall Ships in Bodega Bay”

Walking Cloverdale River Park

This post was from February 2013 with a few 2010 pictures added. We’ve visited Cloverdale many times  and it’s great for winter with its wide paved path. Going uphill to the cemetery will possibly be more soggy right now. Don’t forget it for the wildflowers in later in February and March. Cloverdale River Park followsContinue reading “Walking Cloverdale River Park”

Sunday’s Revisit: Where is Your First Day Hike (Walk)?

This post went out four years ago. The suggestions will still work just fine. Or maybe you have something to add? Low tide at Bodega Harbor is just before 11am – good for a morning walk. – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Where will you walk the first day of the year? I have a few suggestions.Continue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Where is Your First Day Hike (Walk)?”

Riverfront Park in Windsor

This original post was in March of 2010. We have visited many times since then and written many more posts. What a great place. There’s still trouble with the trail where the dam doesn’t quite keep out the Russian River in winter floods. The trees and bushes are bigger so that some of the benchesContinue reading “Riverfront Park in Windsor”

Don’t Shy Away from Shiloh

The last time we walked at Shiloh Ranch Regional Park was before we started the blog (celebrating our 6th year soon). It’s a bit too hilly for us and dogs are only allowed in the picnic area. But that was just what we needed in Windsor on a gorgeous day and this picnic area had justContinue reading “Don’t Shy Away from Shiloh”

Walking the Parks à la Google

The Press Democrat recently announced the Sonoma County Regional Parks launch of a “street view” of 15 of parks. So far I have tried Sonoma Valley Regional – I found it stopped and I wouldn’t go farther, I needed to relaunch or choose a new starting point. I also tried Pinnacles Gulch (Bodega Bay) sinceContinue reading “Walking the Parks à la Google”

West County Trail – Northern End

We walk the West County Trail so often and it seems so familiar that I forgot to ever report on the northern section from Ross Station Rd to Forestville. Even after we made a trip there in February to report on that part. When we lived in Guerneville, we used to start the trail atContinue reading “West County Trail – Northern End”

Walking Taylor Mountain Redtail Loop

Just a couple of weeks ago a new entrance and trail opened on Taylor Mountain. We were game last Friday, to try the new trail, even though it meant some steep incline and descent (for our flat standard). From a giant parking lot, overlooking Petaluma Hill Rd, the trail zigs and zags through the oaks,Continue reading “Walking Taylor Mountain Redtail Loop”