Presidio Walk, Not so Flat

Last week we tried some other parts of the San Francisco Presidio that are not so flat. (Previous walk on the flat part of the Presidio.) If we had stayed around Main Post, near the Visitor’s Center and the Officers’ Club, we might have managed. Down the parade grounds, in the picture below,  is San FranciscoContinue reading “Presidio Walk, Not so Flat”


Aye, It’s Treasure Island Walking

A couple of weeks ago, San Francisco was closed for a major triathlon and an unnamed event in Golden Gate Park. We fought our way through town and went to Treasure Island. Named after Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island, it is also a creation — the island was built on a shallow piece of San FranciscoContinue reading “Aye, It’s Treasure Island Walking”

The Real and Surreal in San Francisco

Having lived in small-town Sonoma County for many years, it can be challenging to visit San Francisco. An easy way to transition is to cross Golden Gate Bridge, head right, along Lincoln Blvd and go west. Some of the roadside trail has recently been restored so walkers and joggers can have a safer trip fromContinue reading “The Real and Surreal in San Francisco”

SF: Golden Gate Park, Corona Heights etc.

This entry doesn’t so much describe a flat walk in San Francisco as to tell you there are some walks near where we went last weekend. Coming into town last Saturday, out intent was to climb Corona Heights, an unusual hill even for San Francisco. It was once quarried by the reputedly unscrupulous Gray brothers, who madeContinue reading “SF: Golden Gate Park, Corona Heights etc.”

You’ll Never Walk Alone at San Francisco’s Presidio

When it gets hot, there are two choices: go to the ocean or go to San Francisco. On Sunday, we chose San Francisco. We were in need of some culture at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. After visiting the Impressionists’ Paris exhibit (see below) and having lunch, we went to the Presidio toContinue reading “You’ll Never Walk Alone at San Francisco’s Presidio”