Riverfront Park in Windsor

This original post was in March of 2010. We have visited many times since then and written many more posts. What a great place. There’s still trouble with the trail where the dam doesn’t quite keep out the Russian River in winter floods. The trees and bushes are bigger so that some of the benchesContinue reading “Riverfront Park in Windsor”

Sunday’s Revisit: Bodega Head-Whales, Rocks & Flowers

Going to the ocean is always my first choice. This post is from March 2010. Want to get to a parking lot where you can watch migrating whales? Or see the surf pound against crevassed rock? Or walk a trail with scenic ocean and coastal views? With wildflowers at your feet? Follow the signs toContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Bodega Head-Whales, Rocks & Flowers”

Sunday’s Revisit: The Hills are Alive in Petaluma

Here’s hoping our hills will look this green again. This post from March 2010. We headed south, avoiding Hwy 101, admiring the green hills of Petaluma. It was doing its best to look like Ireland. Pastures and hills dominated our vision. Helen Putnam Regional Park, west of Petaluma is an excellent place in spring forContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: The Hills are Alive in Petaluma”

Sunday’s Revisit: No Racing at this Sears Point

Since this area is being breached today – as the next step in restoration to tidal wetland – I thought I’d share this post again. Sonoma Land Trust is holding a ceremony (pre-registration required) as the dyke is opened. It will take 24 hrs for the water to fill in the former farm. Trails will not beContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: No Racing at this Sears Point”

Walking the Parks à la Google

The Press Democrat recently announced the Sonoma County Regional Parks launch of a “street view” of 15 of parks. So far I have tried Sonoma Valley Regional – I found it stopped and I wouldn’t go farther, I needed to relaunch or choose a new starting point. I also tried Pinnacles Gulch (Bodega Bay) sinceContinue reading “Walking the Parks à la Google”

Sunday’s Revisit: Bird and Birdwatching Heaven at Shollenberger Park

Back in January 2010, we made this walk at Shollenberger Park in Petaluma. It was a time of freezing ear, plenty of water and plenty of birds. Lately, due to the drought this park has been dry much of the year. Here’s hoping for a wet winter and happy migrating birds. — Don’t forget to visitContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Bird and Birdwatching Heaven at Shollenberger Park”

Sunday’s Revisit: Country to Industry in West County

This post is from January 2010. Maybe you can tell by the soggy trail and lack of leaves that it’s winter. Some of the buildings near Graton Road have been taken down and shops have changed. Soggier parts of the trail have not gotten boardwalks – maybe if we do get a lot of rainContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Country to Industry in West County”

Sunday’s Revisit: Kortum Trail

We had walked this section of the Kortum Trail many times before we decided to start a blog. It just had to be one of the first walks we shared. This was published January 2010. The trail has been improved – more boardwalks and a sturdier bridge. Starting at Shell Beach, one has the mostContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Kortum Trail”

Sunday’s Revisit: Santa Rosa Creek

I have written over 400 posts (okay, some of them songs, news and puzzles), You can use Search or the menus to find your place to walk. This post was the first walk in 2009. We still love it. What’s new? The northside trail has been paved and repaved. The Creek has been cleaned ofContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Santa Rosa Creek”

West County Trail – Northern End

We walk the West County Trail so often and it seems so familiar that I forgot to ever report on the northern section from Ross Station Rd to Forestville. Even after we made a trip there in February to report on that part. When we lived in Guerneville, we used to start the trail atContinue reading “West County Trail – Northern End”