Walking Sonoma Mountain…almost

I wasn’t thinking I could walk the entire trail. Mike considered walking over to Jack London. As the day went we walked 1.735 mile out and then returned. More importantly, I fell in love with Sonoma County all over again. What a beautiful spot. But, I’m ahead of myself. The trail starts at the edgeContinue reading “Walking Sonoma Mountain…almost”

Why Riverfront? Waters High and Muddy

I have wondered and MIke recently asked how Riverfront Regional Park got its name. The Russian River used to run through the area but now lakes are left behind and the river flows by and is not easily seen from the park. So, here’s a question for you – why Riverfront? We don’t usually goContinue reading “Why Riverfront? Waters High and Muddy”

No Racing at this Sears Point

Only the jackrabbit raced away from all the people and dogs tromping his grounds – on Martin Luther King Day. The rest of us sauntered, birdwatched and met up with friends. Landpaths offered a one-day visit to Sears Point Ranch south of the intersection of Hwy 37 and Lakeville Hwy. This area – 1000 acresContinue reading “No Racing at this Sears Point”

Walking Hunter Creek Trail

I had seen the trailhead from visits to Friedman’s Home Improvement, but didn’t put it high on my walk list. Undoubtedly, it was flat. I almost got a speeding ticket test driving a car on the nearby straight and flat Mountain View Ave. I assumed it was open and hot, requiring the correct season andContinue reading “Walking Hunter Creek Trail”

Winery Walks: Coppola Winery

No wine was hurt on a recent visit to Coppola Winery. It is such an amazing place – we didn’t feel the need to drink. A spectacular day with an unusual sky for Northern California ensured a great visit. Coppola Winery is in the Alexander Valley, near Geyserville, CA. A welcoming place, their website descriptionContinue reading “Winery Walks: Coppola Winery”

Foothill Walk Uphill

Sonoma County Regional Parks have been hosting Wildflower Walks this spring. I managed to join one last weekend at Foothill Regional Park. For a small park, there’s plenty of hills – the reason I don’t often walk here. But I managed to make the loop around the park – happy with the information I learnedContinue reading “Foothill Walk Uphill”

Sugarloaf Ridge via Planetary Walk

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, a 2700-acre park in the mountains above the Sonoma Valley, is still worth a visit even for people who need a flat walk. Just past the entrance kiosk, on the left, is a parking lot, with a trailhead to Bald Mountain and to Meadow Trails.

What the Tafoni is at Salt Point?

On the way home from Mendocino, it is almost required that we stop at Gualala Point or Salt Point. Since the dog was ‘on the ranch’ we decided to stop at Salt Point State Park. The park does have a couple of miles of flat trail and some amazing rock formation. But this view isn’tContinue reading “What the Tafoni is at Salt Point?”

Walking into History at Fort Ross

Sunday, the ocean was calm – hardly a breeze – truly pacific. We made our way up the winding Hwy 1 to Fort Ross. In addition to the new construction at the Fort and new places seen – the Call House was open and the Russian Cemetery was easily found – we had a marvelousContinue reading “Walking into History at Fort Ross”