Walking where Jack London Lived

This post was originally posted in July 2010. We have visited many times since then. Here’s a link to a more recent London post. In 2012, the State of California slated this park for closure due to budget cuts. But the Jack London Park Partners (JLPP) was established by Valley of the Moon Natural History Association (VMNHA)Continue reading “Walking where Jack London Lived”


Navarro River Beach & Mendocino Townlife

After the requisite stop at Salt Point, lunch at Trinks, and shopping across the street in Gualala – we stopped at the beach on the Navarro River and the Pacific Ocean. Most of Navarro River Redwoods State Park‘s 700 acres run along the the river. Pomo Indians occupied the land for thousands of years. Scottish Captain Charles Fletcher cameContinue reading “Navarro River Beach & Mendocino Townlife”

Sunday’s New & Revisit: Salt Point

Making our almost annual visit to Mendocino, we just had to stop at Salt Point. The waves were high and the easy and wheelchair accessible trail has been repaired. Looking north from the parking lot is what alerted me to the trail repair. In a short distance, the road-like trail was fully soggy. And theContinue reading “Sunday’s New & Revisit: Salt Point”

Sunday’s Revisit: Bodega Head-Whales, Rocks & Flowers

Going to the ocean is always my first choice. This post is from March 2010. Want to get to a parking lot where you can watch migrating whales? Or see the surf pound against crevassed rock? Or walk a trail with scenic ocean and coastal views? With wildflowers at your feet? Follow the signs toContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Bodega Head-Whales, Rocks & Flowers”

Sunday’s Revisit: Trying to Walk Along a Wet and Wild Coast

Back when I first started this blog, I wrote a lot and covered a lot. This one, from January 2010, covers the magnificent Salt Point State Park (the coastal part) and MacKerricker State Park in Mendocino. There are also hints about Gualala and Sea Ranch – including Walk On Beach that I just posted more about. TheseContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Trying to Walk Along a Wet and Wild Coast”

Walking Rancho Del Oso – Waddell Creek

Mike had spotted this park on our way south, so on our return home from Santa Cruz, we stopped at Rancho Del Oso. This is the back or ocean side of Big Basin Redwoods State Park. It’s a seasonal spot, but in October some of it was still accessible. The fog was clearing for thisContinue reading “Walking Rancho Del Oso – Waddell Creek”

Jack London: Beauty Ranch

I’m not sure “what” I’m going to find “where” as it is filled with glimpses of the past and lushness of the present. The “it” is Jack London State Historic Park, a place of peace and a place of energy. Technically, it comes in two main parts: Beauty Ranch and the Wolf House. Let’s talkContinue reading “Jack London: Beauty Ranch”

Walking at Asilomar – Pacific Grove

Many times we have walked near Asilomar, but never knew we could visit without signing up for a conference. This time we had online information, found brochures at the Social Hall and tried to get the phone tour scanner to work. There’s a beach walk, woods walk and architecture walk – not very far, butContinue reading “Walking at Asilomar – Pacific Grove”

What the Tafoni is at Salt Point?

On the way home from Mendocino, it is almost required that we stop at Gualala Point or Salt Point. Since the dog was ‘on the ranch’ we decided to stop at Salt Point State Park. The park does have a couple of miles of flat trail and some amazing rock formation. But this view isn’tContinue reading “What the Tafoni is at Salt Point?”