New Trails at Bodega Head

Last Sunday became a day of colors and raptors as we got closer to Bodega Bay. Along Hwy 1 near the town of Bodega, where a fire took out a few acres last summer, the lanky eucalyptus had glowing golden leaves and black scorched trunks. We turned onto Bay Hill Rd, a bumpy winding road,Continue reading “New Trails at Bodega Head”

Wading through the Bodega Dunes

Somehow, we went to the wrong place on the wrong weekend. When we were baking by the Bay two weeks ago, we should have gone to the ocean. Last Sunday, we went to a cool, foggy gray day at Bodega Dunes. Maybe we would have liked the bay walk on this cooler day. The oceanContinue reading “Wading through the Bodega Dunes”

Walking below Sugarloaf Ridge

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park has twenty-five miles of trails some of them reaching Bald Mountain at 2729’ in elevation. Websites didn’t indicate how big the park was, but did keep mentioning the elevation, as if that was its only attribute. (Besides the beauty there are cool volcanic formations.) I thought we’d been up the mountainContinue reading “Walking below Sugarloaf Ridge”

The One and Only Salt Point

If I only had one choice to pick a place to go on the Sonoma Coast, the answer would be – Salt Point State Park. Besides the rock formations and the wildflowers, this 6,000 acre park offers coastal headlands and hilly forests. And every day is different. And wonderful. In January, we just made itContinue reading “The One and Only Salt Point”

Over the River and Through the (Armstrong) Woods

Update 2014: This post was written in 2010 so things have happened. After a threat to closure in 2012, the park stayed open and improvements have been made. Trails in valley floor are now packed earth (watch for tree roots) and improved (for environment and people.) Steps have been removed so a sturdy wheelchair shouldContinue reading “Over the River and Through the (Armstrong) Woods”

Bodega Head-Whales, Rocks & Flowers

Want to get to a parking lot where you can watch migrating whales? Or see the surf pound against crevassed rock? Or walk a trail with scenic ocean and coastal views? With wildflowers at your feet? Follow the signs to Westside Park and Bodega Head off of Hwy 1, north of the town of BodegaContinue reading “Bodega Head-Whales, Rocks & Flowers”

Trying to Walk Along a Wet and Wild Coast

It was a dark and stormy day. With jazz variations on gray. Yellow wowing us with blooming mustard in green pastures and vineyards. Acacias and broom glow yellow from Anchor Bay north on the Sonoma and Mendocino coast. Whites in Calla lilies and delicate ruffled daffodils. Ocean like green jade when not roaring in whiteContinue reading “Trying to Walk Along a Wet and Wild Coast”