Walking at Bodega Bay

Many of you know that I love to walk at the coast. The State of California improved some trails and created  new ones at Bodega Head and then closed them due to budget cuts. However, the need is high for trails both of beauty and safety. I am happy to share this article by VestaContinue reading “Walking at Bodega Bay”

A Walk at a Secret Garden

North of Jenner, CA along Highway 1 are several pullouts. In some places, there’s an overlook to the harbor seals sprawled on the beach near the mouth of the Russian River. (Sometimes, the mouth is closed.) In some places, there are closed access points to the State Parks. (Why? I don’t know, but makes meContinue reading “A Walk at a Secret Garden”

Aye, It’s Treasure Island Walking

A couple of weeks ago, San Francisco was closed for a major triathlon and an unnamed event in Golden Gate Park. We fought our way through town and went to Treasure Island. Named after Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island, it is also a creation — the island was built on a shallow piece of San FranciscoContinue reading “Aye, It’s Treasure Island Walking”

Walking in the Desert near Palm Springs

Palm Springs, CA is in a desert. On our recent vacation there, we toured homes as part of Modernism Week (link to early post). On other days, we visited the desert. The San Jacinto Mountains dominate Palm Springs, so you know you’re not in Northern California (or Kansas) anymore. But the lusciousness of Palm SpringsContinue reading “Walking in the Desert near Palm Springs”

Where is Your First Day Hike (Walk)?

Where will you walk the first day of the year? I have a few suggestions. Kortum Trail – in winter the land is raw, the ocean powerful and the air clear We went to Kortum Trail yesterday starting at Shell Beach. It was a bit soggy, so waterproof boots are in order. Those foreground puddlesContinue reading “Where is Your First Day Hike (Walk)?”

Walking Between 2 Freeways and a Bay

What’s that? How do I get there? When? These are the questions I ask myself when I see a flat place to walk. No place have I asked myself more often about than the spot I see when hurtling down Hwy 101 to San Francisco crossing Richardson Bay. Oh, the taunt of a tidal marshContinue reading “Walking Between 2 Freeways and a Bay”