Everthing’s Right above Wrights Beach

The weather forecast said no rain until 3pm. So at 9:30am it started to rain as soon as we got in the car. It was the kind of rain that makes the wipers grind the dirt into the windshield. When we got to Bodega Bay it rained like hell. The surfers at Salmon Creek didn’tContinue reading “Everthing’s Right above Wrights Beach”


Over the River and Through the (Armstrong) Woods

Update 2014: This post was written in 2010 so things have happened. After a threat to closure in 2012, the park stayed open and improvements have been made. Trails in valley floor are now packed earth (watch for tree roots) and improved (for environment and people.) Steps have been removed so a sturdy wheelchair shouldContinue reading “Over the River and Through the (Armstrong) Woods”

A Weekend of Walks near Moss Landing

Leaving Sonoma County last Friday, we made several poor choices in roads and stops. The trip finally felt like it began after clearing the rise near Mt. Madonna on Hwy 152 and heading downhill into Watsonville with the ocean in view. Greenhouses both permanent and white-tarped arches over raspberries shone in the sun. This wasContinue reading “A Weekend of Walks near Moss Landing”

Walking on the Flat in Rohnert Park

Spring is not what one expected this year. It seems we’ve been dodging storms since December to get in a good walk. But memory is short. I’d just walked around Spring Lake in sunshine on Saturday with a friend and her dog. (A fine dog walking place it is. I just haven’t had time toContinue reading “Walking on the Flat in Rohnert Park”

Bodega Head-Whales, Rocks & Flowers

Want to get to a parking lot where you can watch migrating whales? Or see the surf pound against crevassed rock? Or walk a trail with scenic ocean and coastal views? With wildflowers at your feet? Follow the signs to Westside Park and Bodega Head off of Hwy 1, north of the town of BodegaContinue reading “Bodega Head-Whales, Rocks & Flowers”

Trying to Walk Along a Wet and Wild Coast

It was a dark and stormy day. With jazz variations on gray. Yellow wowing us with blooming mustard in green pastures and vineyards. Acacias and broom glow yellow from Anchor Bay north on the Sonoma and Mendocino coast. Whites in Calla lilies and delicate ruffled daffodils. Ocean like green jade when not roaring in whiteContinue reading “Trying to Walk Along a Wet and Wild Coast”

Winter Walk by Santa Rosa Creek at Willowside

Meanwhile back to walking… On last Sunday’s walk I was greeted with much singing. By birds. Robins to be exact. They sat at the top of bare branched trees and occasionally flew off in groups and landed not far away. What the attraction was, I have not been able to determine. They didn’t seem toContinue reading “Winter Walk by Santa Rosa Creek at Willowside”