Sugarloaf Ridge via Planetary Walk

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, a 2700-acre park in the mountains above the Sonoma Valley, is still worth a visit even for people who need a flat walk. Just past the entrance kiosk, on the left, is a parking lot, with a trailhead to Bald Mountain and to Meadow Trails.

Redding, Whiskeytown and Oak Bottom

Through the magic of the Internet our Sonoma County walking site – that does travel on vacation – gets lots of hits for Redding, Whiskeytown and Oak Bottom in Northern California. We haven’t been able to visit recently, but we’re happy to help people find their way around.

On the Way to Half Moon Bay

When we travel with a destination in mind, we also stop along the way to explore new places. In early October,  this meant we stopped for lunch at the Beach Chalet – great meal, great service in historic place overlooking Ocean Beach in San Francisco for a walk at San Pedro Valley County Park inContinue reading “On the Way to Half Moon Bay”

Yosemite Walking

Sometimes Geology Makes Itself Known We tried to avoid it (geology) and pay attention to seven lanes of wild East Bay traffic, and stay awake across the Big Valley and keep the car on the road around hairpin turns up the foothills to the mountains. However, geology was the basis for a wide flat valleyContinue reading “Yosemite Walking”