Winter Walks

Unless your winter walking is living room to kitchen, outdoor walking sometime demands raingear and boots. If you’re up for a soggy slog, Ragle Ranch almost always fills the bill, with Atascadero Creek running through. Paved trails usually make it easier, but one needs to watch for puddling and trail diversions.

Kortum Trail: A trail of grass and dirt with boardwalks in the wettest spots still has it winter rewards. The coast in winter is often fog-free making for grand vistas. The most popular starting point is from Shell Beach just south of Jenner and Goat Rock.  Overall trail is 4 miles, with several creek crossings, some steep descents. Walking north from Shell Beach you can go a mile before having to cross a creek. Waterproof boot are most useful, if there’s been a recent rain. Here’s a link to a walk north on the Kortum Trail. or click more Kortum Trail for other possibilities.

Boardwalk on Kortum Trail

Spring Lake: This very popular spot can be quiet on a winter’s day. A full loop on the paved trail is over 2 miles. Being a flood control area, there are two dams to climb. But you can always weave back and forth from boat ramp to lagoon is you want a really flat walk. For more detail, click Spring Lake.

Spring Lake boat dock

Santa Rosa Creek: About 6 miles from downtown Santa Rosa to Willowside Rd, you can pick up any part of this trail from various starting spots (Olive Park, Pierson St. Dutton Rd., Stony Pt, Place to Play on W Third to name a few. Map. Either paved or hard packed gravel, mud is not an issue, though at flood time, the underpass under A St may be flooded. For one of our walks, please click Santa Rosa Creek.

Fish on Santa Rosa Creek

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