New Santa Rosa Creeks maps Walking and Biking. Thank you Alistair Bleifuss, Environmental Specialist for the City of Santa Rosa. Thank you Santa Rosa Creek Stewards.


Laguna de Santa Rosa – Here’s a map from the Regional Parks about Stone and Kelly Farms in the Laguna. And from the City of Sebastopol the Laguna Preserve trail map.

Santa Rosa Creeks – Here a map of trails along many Santa Rosa Creeks. Of course, the trails are always being improved – or are temporarily closed for improvement. Many trails are being added. Look for the blue signs with the white egret when you’re out driving. Many of those creeks have a trail. Printed versions of this map are available at events and may be available in the future. (future- is when a public agency has time and money.)

Bay Nature – The beautiful magazine has a Find a Walk on their website.

Bike TrailsSanta Rosa Cycling Trails from Map My Ride.

Bay Trail – You can almost get around San Francisco Bay on the Bay Trail. Visit the site to get all the maps

East Bay Regional Parksmaps and loops galore. This is absolutely fabulous.

Pt Reyes National Seashore Map – Trail map and more.

Sorry not working at May 2014: New California map – how to get from here to there without a car. Click this whole line!

Out of State – can’t help but add things when I happen to come across them

Trails in Restored Everglades Grassy Water Preserve I hear Hog Hammock is a good 5mi hike.

Bicyclists: Check out the Bicyclist Coalition. Or the City of Santa Rosa.


7 thoughts on “Maps

  1. Where can one get printed copies of the Santa Rosa map you have a pdf for? Can’t print it on my printer.

    It would help a lot of your commentaries provided contact info for getting maps if available and if they are too large to print out full size on a single sheet of paper.

    1. Thank you for the comment and suggestion. I do need to know what doesn’t work for people. (I have printed the creek map and portions of it.)
      The creek map comes from the City’s Dept. of Public Works. I will try to reach them Monday at (707) 543-3800 – or you may call.
      My other thought is the Visitor’s Center in Railroad Square. I will contact them as well and then update the website.
      Thanks again, Lynn

    2. I spoke with someone at Public Works – printed versions are available at events – next one is Home & Garden at fairgrounds March 14-16. The full map or portions may be available in the future at Public Works office.

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