About Walking

Sonoma County is a wonderful place to walk. It’s good for hiking too, but this blog is about short flat walks. Paths filled with the beauty of nature from the Sonoma Coast to the Sonoma Valley will rejuvenate and relax you.

Please explore this site in picture and tale as we walk Sonoma County.

You will find descriptions of trail conditions, what trees, flowers and birds you might encounter. The best seasons for certain places – don’t miss the wildflowers above Wright’s Beach in May.

Where’s the nearest bathroom, coffee and other exploring opportunities? That information is on each post. Maybe you want a bike ride, horseback riding, fishing, or a longer hike – we try to remember to include that too. Wheelchair access is indicated.

When we travel outside Sonoma County, we find the flat places to walk from San Diego to Yosemite to Redding.

If you can’t find the place, you’re looking for please let me know in comment or Find a Walk. Always feel free to leave a comment or ask a question on any post.

Lynn Millar at Spring Lake

I am a writer of short stories, poems, a play and two someday-they’ll-be novels. I wrote for a newspaper for a few months until it folded. (I am not responsible, really!) I wrote a walking column for the Northbay Times.

The pictures are by my husband and walking companion.

Lynn Millar

Meanwhile back to walking…


My 15 minutes of fame – online and in print the Santa Rosa Press Democrat’s Meg McConahey wrote about flat walking – http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20120617/lifestyle/120619720

Dogs are allowed at some local California State beaches. (This means on the beach not on the bluffs above the beach.) For a list click Dog Beaches.


14 thoughts on “About Walking

  1. Walking is such a fantastic thing to do to relax and unwind. Very underrated and underutilized, but something we should all do when we need to think. Great blog!

  2. Thanks for stopping by to look at my website. As you could see, my blog is only a few months old, so it is definitely a work in progress. Yours, on the other hand, is highly impressive and very professional looking.

  3. I am coming to visit my family in May in Sonoma. We would like to ride bikes; unfortunately I cannot ride a two wheeler anymore. I do have a Sun brand trike that I love. Is there anywhere that I can rent a recumbent trike in the Sonoma/Napa area?

  4. I just started taking my kids out walking today. I can say that with having five of them, it was not relaxing at all, lol, but I am hoping we work up to that and eventually start venturing out farther and farther into the world. There is so much of this Earth to see and I feel a bit of shame for all the time I have wasted indoors.

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