Walking Taylor Mountain Redtail Loop

Just a couple of weeks ago a new entrance and trail opened on Taylor Mountain. We were game last Friday, to try the new trail, even though it meant some steep incline and descent (for our flat standard).

7-15 Taylor Mtn up trailFrom a giant parking lot, overlooking Petaluma Hill Rd, the trail zigs and zags through the oaks, climbing to a flatter trail.

7-15 Taylor Mtn woods trail lThe trail is dusty but well built. It’s a loop trail (returning to the other end of the parking lot), in a short distance it connects to the Western Trail from the other access point of Taylor Mountain on Kawana Terrace. I took this functional picture of trail signage:

7-15 Taylor Mtn trail connectionMike caught two deer, just about to cross the trail. (In the other part of Taylor Mountain, your more likely to see cows.)

7-15 Taylor Mtn deerOn the way up, we got various views of the Santa Rosa plain. It’s lovely and it’s not, as one hears the traffic and then sees the traffic on Hwy 101. I tried to appreciate the colors in the fields across the road and admire the oaks I was walking through.

7-15 Taylor Mtn open viewThe sky and the coastal mountains.7-15 Taylor Mtn view WestAnd looking more to the south, I enjoyed the grassy meadow shoulder and then the vineyard before the plain called Rohnert Park. 7-15 Taylor Mtn SW viewWithin the flatter section of the park, we could enjoy the open meadow. Not sure about the wildflowers here. The park website says they’ll continue to graze cattle, but they’re not in this section right now. 7-15 Taylor Mtn meadow trailOn the way down we saw more flowers, unfortunately for you horseback riders you’ll have to keep an eye on the star thistles in this section. Otherwise, gorse, wild carrots, vetch several kinds of dandelions lurk around.

7-15 Taylor Mtn S viewMany oaks have been planted along the trail and in the barren parking lot. Also a remnant or active (?) water storage tank dominates with basic farm/ranch necessity.

7-15 Taylor Mtn water tank lThis is a Regional Park, so it costs $7 to park, but buy an annual pass for Pete’s sake! More Park information. Our walk at the Taylor Mountain Kawana Entrance.

There is plenty of parking, some for horse trailers (horses allowed on most of the trail), like they’re expecting a ton of people. But if the popularity of the newish Laguna trail is any indication, then it will be full. There are plenty of picnic tables and portapottie with hand wash that stands sentry.

Dogs on leash.

Wheelchair?? Parking lot and picnic tables.

Thank you Trails Council and everyone else for making this park access possible.

7-15 Taylor Mtn trail workSee you on the trail!

Words by Lynn Millar, pictures by Mike and Lynn Millar available upon request.

7-15 Taylor Mtn fungus


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