Bodega Bay

Cheney Gulch path to Doran Beach

Bodega Bay has beaches, wetlands and gorgeous vistas. Here are links to my posts about this beautiful area, just click the pictures or the underlined words. A new trail is planned to surround the harbor.

On the harbor side of Doran Beach is a large wetland area – a stop for migrating birds. Worth a visit in all seasons for all kinds of activities – dogwalking, beach play, picnicking, camping, boat launch, fishing, crabbing. Here are my walking suggestions for Doran Beach. I can’t believe there’s just one post on this terrific place – really I do visit often. Maybe I take it for granted.


Bodega HeadFrom the whalewatching spot at Bodega Head you can walk around the head or go north. Either way you can can be rewarded with a variety of wildflowers or vistas of a rocky coast. North ends with an overlook of Bodega Labs, or you continue down hill for a link to Bodega Dunes.


Bodega HarborNew trails were built last year and then shut down due to budget cuts. They can still be accessed if you go all the way out to Bodega Head and then head uphill on the trail to the left of the bathroom.  Up the hill, you get a view of the harbor, Doran Beach and a look down Tomales Bay. The new trails are wheelchair accessible. The old ones near the cliff edge are eroded.

Boardwalk Bodega DunesIf you’re up for a sandy slog, Bodega Dunes can be a great place to play – often in fog as much of the North Coast of California is in summer.


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