Walking at Coyote Point

We hadn’t been to Coyote Point Recreation Area in almost 25 years, so we figured it was time. Situated in San Mateo on San Francisco Bay just south of the SF airport, one of its claims to fame is a place to watch the planes. Now if you just didn’t have to ‘hear’ them.

Coyote Point

Aside from the planes Coyote Point has much to offer, picnic solo or in large groups, yacht club, boat docks, launch, fishing, museum, rifle range, gigantic playground, windsurfing area (with equipment rentals), swimming area, beach and of course trails.

The Bay Trail wanders on the border of the area, but there are trails within the park to make up a walk of a couple miles.

We started our visit with a picnic and then walked up the knoll to the museum. Now called CuriOdyssey, it is transformed from the old nature museum.

Garden at Coyote Pt

Outside the building are beautiful trees, plants and flowers. It also has enclosures for small mammals. We watched a couple of bobcats feeding. All the animals and birds at CuriOdyssey are non-releasable natives. This means they are injured or have been previously imprinted such that they could not survive in nature on their own. Gave us a chance to see porcupines and golden eagles, though.

On our walk around Coyote Point we did see a young skunk waddling around under the eucalyptus and a ray in the boat harbor slowing flapping his way along.

Tie on your hat and try a windy walk at Coyote Point.

Recreation Area $5/vehicle, over 62 free on weekdays. CuriOdyssey $8 adult/$6 senior. No dogs.

See you on the trail!

Don’t forget to click on links to CuriOdyssey, Coyote Point Recreation Area,  and The San Francisco Bay Trail.

Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

Coyote at Coyote Point

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