Conditions Change

BEWARE THE ACCURACY OF ALL WALKS. Conditions Change Hi All, Thank you for your support. Your visits. And more. I have downgraded the site visually, but it’s still there for a resource. A year ago April, we moved to Salem, Oregon. It suits our love of nature and culture. After two knee replacement surgeries andContinue reading “Conditions Change”


Year End in Review (2017) Part III

Oh, I promise this is the last one. We just went so many places, even with a few months off, it has taken a long time to show off. Well it is only three posts and not twenty-something. To see Part I (local hills) and Part II (mostly Nevada, Southern Utah and Eastern California) AtContinue reading “Year End in Review (2017) Part III”

Year End in Review Part I

Since I never got to sharing many of our walks and probably won’t get around to it now – I thought, I could show you my best pictures. You can find more trail details on my site or on the famous Google. In February, we walked to the north end of the trail along theContinue reading “Year End in Review Part I”

Fires and more Fires

Updates as of November 12th – All evacuations centers are closed. Finley Center starting recreational classes again. Clean up is well under way. Deadline for toxic clean up is tomorrow. The night of October 8, 2017 a number of fires started in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties. The conditions were ripe for fires to startContinue reading “Fires and more Fires”