Dog Parks of Petaluma

City of Petaluma makes many parks available to off-leash dogs and their owners, for set hours each day. Other than the large Rocky Memorial, you’re more likely to take your dog to a neighborhood park. But, do you know about the others?

We visited some parks last week. First are ones on the west side of town and the rest on the east side. If another is your favorite, please leave a comment. We were amazed how many there are and that they’re open, unlike the fenced areas in the rest of the county.

Check the attached leaflet all of Petaluma’s dog parks and for the off-leash hours. Subject to change, I imagine and not always posted at the park. Usually, morning and evening hours. Some differences on the weekend, as athletic field s are in use.

Some parks provide plastic bags for your dog’s stuff. Please pick up and dispose of properly.

View form Oak Hill Park to Mt St Helena

Oak Hill Park – Oak and Howard or off of Pleasant St.

Oak Hill Park is for dogs who like a view all the way to St. Helena. On the northwest area of the park is the ‘official off-leash’ area. Plastic bags available. There’s a labyrinth in the area. Let the dog training begin! Park also includes park benches, playground (for kids) and bathroom.

A few huge gorgeous Victorian homes are in the surrounding neighborhood – the kind you like to look at but don’t want to take care of.

Oak Hill Park Dog Run
Oak Hill Park Dog Run

McNear Park — F and 8th St.

Dogs run free on baseball fields while owners chat. Place to bring a well-socialized dog who is voice trained. Besides the ball fields there’s a tennis court, playground, picnic tables and bathrooms.

McNear Park Dog playtime
McNear Park Dog playtime

Westridge Open Space — near Sunnyslope and Westridge Dr., along creek

Paved trails on both side of the creek with some scrubby bushes, trees and an often overgrown creek. One dog-walker said off-leash was on the south side of the creek. We got in a mile+ walk along one side of the creek and back and then off on another path in this suburban neighborhood. Benches, playground and community garden on the north side of the creek.

Westridge Open Space
Westridge Open Space

Wiseman Park ­— next to St. Augustine Circle

The athletic fields are open to off-leash dogs for morning and evening hours of the day. On the east side of Hwy 101, this park also borders the airport. Wiseman Park is named for Fred J. Wiseman who flew the first official air mail flight in 1911. Park also has paved paths, benches overlooking fields and a playground that was flooded the day we visited.

Wiseman Park Dogs run soccer field
Wiseman Park, Dogs run soccer field

Lucchesi Park — 320 N. McDowell Blvd

One of the larger parks of all the neighborhood parks, it also has a Community Center, Senior Center, picnic tables, pond, baseball field and path along Lynch Creek. Off-leash dog area is between the Community Center and Lynch Creek.

Lucchesi Park
Lucchesi Park

Sunrise Parkway —  between N McDowell Blvd. and Maria Dr.

Like Westridge, there is a green area along a creek with hours for off-leash dog play. Community garden is underway in this neighborhood open area.

Hope you and your dog(s) can enjoy these areas in Petaluma. Check for the hours. And then there is always the famous Rocky Memorial. Your dog can play free in a huge area and then you can both walk along Alman Marsh, through Shollenberger Park on your way to Ellis Creek.

Rocky Memorial Dog Park

See our other dog park post. And nearby people and dog walks at Shollenberger and Ellis Creek.

Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

Westridge Open Space
Westridge Open Space

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8 thoughts on “Dog Parks of Petaluma

  1. There are not many dog parks in my area (Hudson Valley NY) probably because it’s very rural. However the city of Kingston recently opened a park which is very popular. There was an article in the local paper about dog park etiquette, I guess there can be issues when dogs misbehave in a dog park?

    1. In most of Sonoma County, there are many rules about dog parks. But in Petaluma, they seem to think people and dogs should behave – so parks are open at certain hours and dogs run free. Dogs play well with others and follow commands. People clean up. Most dog problems seem to be with the owners. After all, why would you want a barking-all-the-time dog who drags you around?

    1. Hi – see other response about asking people at dog parks. I looked through – plenty of dog groups but don’t see a Petaluma one – many groups by species – they might help you find more. – Lynn

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