Winery Walks: Coppola Winery

No wine was hurt on a recent visit to Coppola Winery. It is such an amazing place – we didn’t feel the need to drink.

A spectacular day with an unusual sky for Northern California ensured a great visit.

Coppola view to St Helena
View from the winery includes Mt St. Helena.

Coppola Winery is in the Alexander Valley, near Geyserville, CA. A welcoming place, their website description is ‘home to wine, food and adventure.’ Even the parking lot is gracious – not a blazing blob of asphalt.

Coppola parking lot

Stairs lead to the main buildings of the ‘winery’ but every thought is given to those who don’t/can’t do stairs. (Elevators and ramps aplenty.)

Coppola Lavender

When we reached the top patio, I spied through the glass doors to the left – a car. Mike had just found out a Tucker was here. This is Coppola, as in Francis Ford Coppola, movie director, so there is plenty of movie memorabilia. From his movie, Tucker, Coppola owns two of these beautiful cars. (The other one is at Inglenook in the Napa Valley.)

Coppola Tucker top

You could stand near the Godfather’s desk or study model ships used in the filming of Marie Antoinette. (Someone on Facebook informed me something from Apocalypse is coming. Not sure how that will fit with the good vibes.)

Godfather desk

Or you could just stare out the window.

Coppola view to St Helena

We had already eaten, when we visited last week. The prices at Rustic are a little high for us, but the room looked wonderful and I’m sure the food is great. Of course, a couple of tasting rooms are in the main building. An elegant 2-story gift shop weaves amongst the movie stuff. I mean you just ‘feel’ rich by visiting this place.

We did discover we could have eaten at the outside cafe near the pool.

Coppola pool cafe

Speaking of the pool, it’s huge. Lounges surround the pool. Changing cabines are on one side and a stage is on the other. Entertainment will be provided in the evenings this summer.

Coppola pool 6-14 l

Coppola Cabines 6-14 l

Coppola pool more 6-14 l

Plenty of umbrellas to shade you. Trees and gardens add lushness between the cafe and pool.

Coppola pool garden

Near the stage are a pair of bocce courts.

Coppola bocce

Also a teepee that children were running in and out of. Guess the contents of the tent? Books! With kids dying to read something.

Coppola teepee

As far as I could tell, we were all on a fantastic movie set and we all played our roles perfectly. Can’t wait to return and taste the wine.

See you on the trail!


Words by Lynn Millar, pictures by Lynn & Mike Millar – available upon request.

Coppola tower

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