Walking Monterey to Carmel

Okay, we didn’t walk all that way on our recent trip. And maybe you could do the distance, but you’d run into golf courses and restricted use around the Monterey Peninsula. But it’s quite easy to get from Monterey Wharf to Pacific Grove.


Here’s some of the trail from Monterey Wharf towards Pacific Grove. Several mini-parks are along the way. Walkable, bikeable or rent a pedaling carriage. You could kayak or sail or… It’s only a mile or mile and a half. Plenty of eating opportunities too, either restaurants or picnics.

Monterey boat harbor 2046Monterey wharf m 2052 Monterey walk lSanta Rosalia patron saint of Italian fisherman statue m 2055 Monterey trailMonterey harbor 2057 Wharf pedalinganother little parkIf you keep walking – it’s about 5 miles to Asilomar. This picture is from last year’s trip.

Asilomar ocean viewbtw: As we drove into town, I could see that the trail from Sand City to Monterey was well used by walkers, strollers and bicyclists. That’s another 1.5-2 miles. All relatively flat.


In Carmel, we had the luxury of just staring at a beautiful beach and ocean in the morning.

Carmel beach sign m 2063 And strolling around town after a fantastic meal. What a great town – a mixture of elf and Spanish styles. Plenty of flowers and window-shopping opportunities.

Carmel elfin Carmel eve lCornere flowers l Carmel courtyard Carmel steps Carmel door Carmel alley What a treat.

Words by Lynn Millar, pictures by Lynn and Mike Millar

Carmel artist m2064



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4 thoughts on “Walking Monterey to Carmel

  1. I love that walk. Went to Carmel last month. There is something so special about that whole area. Must be the ocean! Thanks for the pics! Looking forward to seeing your play.

  2. Great pics Lynn, I love that area and will keep this walk in mind next time I’m down there. Can’t wait for the reading, hope you’re having fun with it.

    1. Thanks. It’s a beautiful place. I’ll post more soon about Garland Park in the Carmel Valley. – Reading? Do you mean the play? It’s full production of six 10-minute plays. Last night at rehearsal I had to play one of my characters. (just as a fill-in.)

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