Short Walk, Long Lunch at Stillwater Cove

Ocean view. Homemade sandwiches. Store bought drinks. What a lunch.

On a recent trip up the coast, we decided to stop at Stillwater Cove, 16 miles north of Jenner on Hwy 1.

Stillwater Cove

We parked at the day use lot in the Stillwater Cove Regional Park. After a slow ride up the coast from Bodega Bay, we decided to check out the accommodations for the campers. Several abalone divers were cleaning their equipment. Under the trees, this looked like a good campground.

Downhill from the parking lot is a path into a lush redwood canyon along Stockhoff Creek. One trail loops along the creek headed inland, and another loop crosses the creek and goes up to Fort Ross Schoolhouse. (Each loop is less than a mile. The schoolhouse is a one-room school founded in 1885, but moved to this site in 1943.)

California Corn Lily

We took a route along the creek, crossed Hwy 1 (very carefully) to the beach. On a warm late summer day, the beach was fairly crowded. Some people had come with abalone divers, but some came for lunch and frolic at this beautiful spot.

Stillwater Cove Beach

We ate. We watched people and the ocean. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

At the beach are picnic tables and basic toilet facilities. Bring water, food and toys. Dogs okay on leash – as was ours. Use your annual pass for parking or day use is $7.

Redwood Inside-Out Flower

Coming Soon – our visit to Gualala.

Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

Sad note: State Coast at Russian Gulch, Vista Trail and Fisk Mill still closed. (Salt Point open at Gerstle Cove – though only bathroom at campground is open.)

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