Walking in Alman Marsh

Near the Petaluma River and Shollenberger Park is another place to walk – Alman Marsh. We recently accessed the trail from the parking lot of the Sheraton.

Trailhead Alman Marsh

Most of the trail is wide gravel and runs along the Petaluma River. An occasional bridge across a creek or boardwalk help make this an easy walk.

Petaluma Railroad Bridge

That’s Hwy 101 above the bridge – and why it can be a noisy walk – but the walk is worth it. This Blue Heron seems okay fishing.

Blue Heron wading in the Petaluma River

The colors here are subtle most of the year with few wildflowers. I just pay attention to what it is there and find it rewarding and peaceful. This bridge crosses Adobe Creek.

Alman Marsh walking bridge

The trail varies from gravel, boardwalk and uneven dirt that reflect the changes from tidal marsh, wetland, dredge pond, creeks and landfill. Plenty of sunny spots, benches and a fishing dock.

Lizard at Alman Marsh

As we followed the trail away from the river, we connected to a trail leading to Shollenberger Park.

Wetlands near Alman Marsh
Blocking out Hwy 101, we could actually get a beautiful view of the hills and mountains.
Spring Hills Petaluma

See you on the trail!

A few words by Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

Click for previous walk at Shollenberger (with more info on the river and area) and the nearby Ellis Creek. General area map.

Poppies and mustard


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